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Agile fit assessment

Find out your Agile fit

Not everything in a Service Desk can go Agile at once. Determine the points in your organisation that could benefit the most from an Agile approach.

Use this Worksheet to:

  • Analyze how well your organisation is doing with release speed, communication, focus, and alignment.

  • Assess which areas need improvement and can benefit from an Agile approach.

  • Assist in prioritising Agile operations projects.

In the end you will get a score on the potential benefits of Agile in 5 main areas, to help you get more out of your service. We focus on:

  1. Organisational needs
  2. IT focus
  3. Release speed
  4. Communication
  5. Organisational Alignment

Next to that we give you a solution value which shows you where your focus should be in the Agile transition: Company culture, team collaboration, customer engagement, service levels, process improvement, configuration managmeent process, testing protocols and automation. 

Find out what you need to focus on for a successful Agile transition!

Download the agile workbook