Agile is very popular these days. Originating from the world of software development, it’s quickly gaining ground in other fields of expertise. Service Management is not an exception. But what is Agile Service Management?

What will I get out of this e-book?

  • Increase the flexibility and speed of your service delivery
  • What is Agile, Scrum and Agile Service Management?
  • 6 real-life examples of Agile Service Management
  • How to make your Incident Management & SLAs more agile
  • 7 common pitfalls in agile transitions

What's in this e-book?

In this 49-page e-book, you'll read everything you need to know about how you make your IT department more agile. You’ll learn the basics of Agile Service Management, including examples from practice, and learn best practices on how to successfully make the transition to Agile Service Management.

  • Chapter 1What is Scrum?
  • Chapter 2What is Agile?
  • Chapter 3What is Agile Service Management?
  • Chapter 4Agile Service Management vs. ITIL
  • Chapter 5Agile Service Management in practice?
  • Chapter 6Making your Incident Management more agile
  • Chapter 7Making your Service Level Agreements more flexible
  • Chapter 8Seven most common pitfalls in agile transition
  • Chapter 9How to guide your IT department through an agile transition

About the author, Bas Blanken

Bas is Service Management consultant at TOPdesk, specializing in Agile Service Management. ‘What I really like about agile is that is makes work more fun. Agile helps you focus on what’s really important and get results fast.’

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