In today’s service landscape, your most important criterion for service success is satisfied customers. But how do you get satisfied customers, when most IT frameworks still focus on tools and processes?

What does this BPSM e-book teach me?

      • Why ITIL is not the answer to your current challenges
      • How to simplify your work process using Best Practice Service Management (BPSM)
      • A step-by-step guide for implementing BPSM
      • Practical tips you can put into practice immediately

What’s in this e-book?

In this 47-page e-book, we’ll show you there is a way to ensure your services make your customers happy. In 7 chapters, you’ll discover a set of best practices to increasing customer satisfaction and keeping your services working soundly.

  • Chapter 1Why ITIL is not the answer to today’s challenge
  • Chapter 2What is Best Practice Management?
  • Chapter 3Step 1. Define your Services
  • Chapter 4Step 2. Set up a reactive management process
  • Chapter 5Step 3. Set up a relation management process
  • Chapter 6Step 4. Set up a Change process
  • Chapter 7Follow up: Maintenance & Improvements

Author information: Martijn Meeder & Gökhan Tuna

Martijn Meeder is an experienced ITSM consultant. 'One of the biggest challenges for any IT organization is: how to translate frameworks to practical, day-to-day solutions? I help organizations tackle that challenge.'
Gökhan Tuna is a service management consultant. 'In the past 10 years, I specialized in customer satisfaction and improving the quality of service delivery. In this day and age, delivering value to your customers is more important than ever.'

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