The chat feature you’ve been waiting for

Wouldn’t it be great if your customers and service agents could chat directly in TOPdesk? With the new TOPdesk Chat feature, they can.

Sounds interesting? Have a look at the video demonstration here. If you're not convinced yet about the necessity of a chat tool for your organization, read about how chat improves your customers' experiences below.



Contact your TOPdesk account manager for a licence if you don't see the Chat feature in your TOPdesk settings.


Do you want to read more about the chat functionality? Download the infographic or whitepaper.
Infographic    Whitepaper

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TOPdesk blogs about the advantages of chat

How chat improves your customers’ experience

People communicate in different ways. Some prefer to talk face-to-face, while others would rather fill out a form. Read on to find out how a chat feature can improve communication with your customer.

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Improve your service organization’s efficiency with chat

Chatting with customers can be extremely efficient. How? It lets your service team help several customers at the same time, share digital content easily, and ask the right questions.

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Self-service versus chat: is chat the way forward?

Don’t be afraid to implement chat at your organization. You won’t go back to a situation where people are calling your service desk non-stop. Instead, you can easily integrate chat in your current communication.

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