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Connect. Integrate. Collaborate.

Excellent service is usually not something you provide just by yourself. Most of the time, you need the help of the experts, teams and organizations around you. Enterprise Service Management helps you get all of your departments on the same page. But why stop there?! Take the next step and work together with the parties you’ve outsourced part of your services to.

Working with parties outside of your organization should be as easy as working with your direct colleagues. When you work easily together with external parties, you have more time to focus on your core activities, while maintaining a high quality of services.

So how exactly can you improve the collaboration with your partners and suppliers? By integrating with their service management tooling! When you integrate, you ensure seamless communication, but you also increase the transparency of your service and provide clear agreements. How easy would it be to see in your own tooling that a supplier has taken action or responded to you, without having to login to portals or import emails? A good relationship with your partners and suppliers leads to a higher quality of service across the line. The whole service chain will excel, with happy customers as a result. That’s why you should use the new Collaboration Platform.

The Collaboration Platform

The Collaboration Platform enables you to set up a connection with your trusted partners and suppliers without hassle. You're already able to collaborate with your trusted third-parties via integrations. But collaboration can and should be easier. 

With the Collaboration Platform, you:

  • Create connections to your partner's TOPdesk environments via a unique collaboration code. No need to have a matching TOPdesk setup!
  • Create and update a call in your supplier's TOPdesk from your own calls in just two clicks.
  • Open a call and see at a glance whether your supplier has responded.
B. Create Connection - 2

How do I get started?

As of June 30th 2020, the Collaboration Platform is available for all SaaS customers regardless of the data center your TOPdesk instance is running in. It is also available for the 2020 R3 release of the Virtual appliance.

  1. Via Settings > Collaboration Platform, create a new connection code. 
  2. Send this code to your partners. Check that they've used the code under Connections in the Collaboration Platform. 
  3. Open the call you want to collaborate on and create a new first line call in your partner's TOPdesk environment from this call. Don't forget to keep them up-to-date via the call when needed!

Getting started with the Collaboration Platform is easy. For more information about setting up a connection and day-to-day use of the feature, see the following knowledge items on the TOPdesk Extranet:


Take a look at what's up next

The current Collaboration Platform is only a first iteration, with which you're able to collaborate more easily with other organizations.  You can expect more improvements to the platform to enable you to provide an even higher quality of service over your full service chain.

Curious to find out what you can expect?  For more information regarding the development of TOPdesk, follow the public roadmap.