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Onboarding Report for IT Professionals

How Australians find the rollercoaster

First impressions are important to any organisation, and it makes sense that your new starter gets off to a flying start with a seamless onboarding process. But is this the case? How prepared are organisations in welcoming new starters?

This report includes:

  • What are Australians’ expectations when starting a new job
  • How the onboarding process makes them feel
  • Why a good self-service portal could save your life
  • Numbers on how onboarding process affects productivity
  • TOPdesk’s top tips for IT professionals on how to streamline the onboarding process
  • And more!

Problem Solving

Australian organisations are not capitalising on a can-do attitude of employees to make their lives easier by fixing problems themselves.



The onboarding experience negatively influenced employee emotions and wellbeing. Organisations are failing to capitalise on the excitement and goodwill new starters show towards their new employer.



While it is reasonable to assume that new starters don't expect to reach optimal productivity in the first week, not having access to the necessary resources to perform their new job will constrain their productivity.



The majority of respondents, including those
that onboard new starters want improvements in the onboarding process.