The secret to cutting costs and improving your efficiency? A customer-centric service desk! Putting your customers first is the best way to become more cost-effective and increase customer satisfaction.

What does this e-book teach me?

  • An 8-step plan for drawing up and successfully launching your service catalogue
  • How to cut lead and resolution times using Knowledge Centered Service (KCS)
  • The 3 key factors for effective customer communication
  • How to measure your customer satisfaction

What’s in this e-book?

In this e-book you’ll find the key ingredients for building a truly customer-focused service desk. In 6 chapters, you’ll learn how to focus on your customer by using expectation management, a clear service catalogue, knowledge management and communication.

  • Chapter 1Focus on the customer
  • Chapter 2The customer's expectations
  • Chapter 3An optimal service catalogue
  • Chapter 4Managing and deploying knowledge
  • Chapter 5Customer-focused communication
  • Chapter 7Is your customer satisfied?

About the authors, Colin Bassant and Wes Heemskerk

Colin Bassant is service management consultant, specializing in Knowledge Management. ‘Good Knowledge Management is an essential part of improving your service delivery.’ Wes Heemskerk is service management consultant, helping organizations to become more customer-focused. Why? ‘It all revolves around your customers. The better you understand your customer, the better your services will be.’

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