What does ESM mean? Why is it such a buzzword in the service management community? And how can you go from theory to practice with the concept of ESM? Learn everything there is to know about Enterprise Service Management in this e-book.

While ESM sometimes sounds like a huge project to take on, a small step for your department can make a huge difference in the work your teams do every day.

In this e-book:

  • What is Enterprise Service Management?
  • The biggest advantages of ESM
  • How to launch Enterprise Service Management
  • Tips for your (digital) ESM workspace
  • Utrecht University's road to ESM

Full integration between service departments and how to get there

You want to improve customer satisfaction, work together more and achieve cost reduction - but does full integration between service departments sound a bit far removed from reality? Let’s talk about why you would want ESM in your organization first. And once you’ve got an idea of the benefits, we’ll move on to some practical steps to launch ESM in your organization.

  • Chapter 1What is Enterprise Service Management?
  • Chapter 2What is the added value of ESM?
  • Chapter 3How to launch Enterprise Service Management
  • Chapter 4One tool at the centre of your service universe  
  • Chapter 5An Enterprise Service Management case in action
  • Chapter 6To the stars and beyond

About the authors: Gunnar Oldenhof & Nienke Best

Gunnar is one of our service management consultants. His job? Designing and improving processes that help the collaboration between supporting departments. Gunnar is a true Enterprise Service Management enthusiast.

Nienke used to be a consultant as well, but now she spends her days as a Product Owner at TOPdesk. She is one of our leading Facility Management experts.

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