Does your service desk have to deal with many simple recurring notifications? Are your employees unnecessarily sending messages to the second line? And
do you wonder how you can handle this more conveniently? The answer: Knowledge management.

In this E-book:

  • What does good Knowledge Management look like?
  • How to cut lead and resolution times using Knowledge Centered Service (KCS)
  • Why should you invest in Knowledge Management?
  • Calculate how much you will save
Guide Knowledge Management

How to spread knowledge across the Service Desk

Almost 50% of Service Desk's feel they underutilise their Knowledge Management. In this e-book, you can read how to make the most of knowledge sharing for a more efficient Service Desk.

  • Chapter 1Should it be smarter?
  • Chapter 2What is Knowledge Management?
  • Chapter 3What is KCS?
  • Chapter 4Why invest in knowledge management?
  • Chapter 5Calculate how much time you save
Authors Judith & Joost

About the authors: Judith Lumbela & Joost Wapenaar

Judith Lumbela and Joost Wapenaar are consultants and Knowledge Management experts at TOPdesk.

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