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Webinar: Levelling up your work in TOPdesk

February 2021

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This webinar is part of a series called 'Levelling up your TOPdesk' we’ll be running throughout the year, so look out of the series sign up page coming soon! 

The series focuses around TOPdesk features, so we’ll be running through what’s possible within the tool. There are two streams: ‘getting started with TOPdesk’ and ‘levelling up your TOPdesk’.

The ‘Levelling up your TOPdesk’ stream is aimed at enabling Application Managers and Service Delivery Managers to optimise their use of TOPdesk, so will be more technical than our ‘getting started with’ stream.

This webinar will be focusing on:

  • The TOPdesk Homepage and navigation 
  • Using boards to level up your work 
  • Identifying a pulse and using it to your advantage 
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Ben Scavuzzo

TOPdesk Canada