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Migrating to the new Asset Management

Interested in migrating to the new Asset Management? Great! To make the transition as stress-free as possible, you choose when you want and what to migrate. Only want to migrate certain object types? No problem. You select which object types you want to migrate in the migration assistant and it only takes a few clicks. 

Below you'll find more information to help you through the process of migrating. Use the information to evaluate the impact of the migration, see how to easily migrate your existing assets and then decide what your next step will be.

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Migrate to Asset Management

This flowchart helps you determine whether you can migrate to Asset Management if you're currently using Configuration Management. 

Not sure what this means for your organisation? Your account manager is happy to help.


TOPdesk version

This page shows information for the newest TOPdesk version available on our SaaS-platform. If you're using an older version of TOPdesk please contact your account manager for more details about migrating.

Which version am I using?
Need to find out which version you're on? In TOPdesk, go to Menu > Information. You'll find it next to TOPdesk version.

Asset Management Flowchart

High Impact

These features will have a greater impact on your processes.

Articles / items: the new Asset Management is not yet integrated with Order Management. If you use free objects as items for the webshop, you cannot migrate these object types yet.

License management: software cards with licenses can not yet be migrated.

Configuration links: objects with a Configuration for location link can not yet be migrated.


Medium Impact

These features won't block your migration to the new Asset Management, but they will affect your processes when using the module. If you're interested in using the module, you'll need to adjust your processes.

Cross-module selections: currently you're able to create basic selections for linked assets with the asset type, summary or status field as criteria. 

Reports: Asset Management uses a different database technology, therefore reporting within TOPdesk on your assets will not be possible until late 2020. In the meantime you can already get your Asset Management data into Microsoft Power BI or Excel in real time with our OData Feed.


Low Impact

When migrating to Asset Management certain parts of TOPdesk need to be reconfigured. Events & Actions and Imports will not automatically be migrated.

Periodic imports: since Asset Management uses a new import engine existing imports will need to be rebuilt. This is something you can do yourself through our import wizard or a TOPdesk consultant can do this for you.

Events & actions: since Asset Management uses a new action system existing events & actions need to be rebuilt. This is something you can do yourself or a TOPdesk consultant can do this for you.


Your assets will reach their new destination, safe and sound

The migration assistant ensures you have a smooth transition. Watch this video to see an object migration in action.

I'm ready to migrate! What's the next step?

If you're going to migrate, make sure you have a test environment up and running. Once you migrate objects, you won't be able to reverse the process. 

To migrate objects, use the simple wizard provided in the module. You don't need TOPdesk Consultancy to do this. TOPdesk will automatically detect whether your setup is suitable for migration. 

During the migration, new asset cards will be generated automatically based on your current implementation. You're able to get back to work right away. 

Need some help with the migration, or think this would be a good time to change your how you've implemented the module? Contact your account manager and we'll be happy to help.

I can't migrate just yet

With each release, new features and reintroduced features will be available to you. Asset Management will continue to grow into a more mature module. Can't migrate just yet? Keep an eye on this page and the Asset Management page for changes and updates. In the release notes for each release you'll also read about all features added to the module since the previous release.

View TOPdesk Release Notes

Webinar series : Migrating to Asset Management

Want to know more about the New Asset Management module? Have you seen the new module, but are you still wondering how to migrate your existing assets? Join our webinar series! In this series you will:

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  • Share information about migrations and it's possible impact
  • And give you tips on how to get started with it
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