The secret to cutting costs and improving your efficiency? Choose self-service! With self-service you make your customer more self-reliant. And with a self-reliant customer, the service desk has more time to solve more difficult questions. A win-win situation.

More about self-service? Download this e‑book for:

  • Optimizing your service desk
  • Preparing good forms
  • Promoting your self-service portal

What's in this e-book?

In this e-book you'll learn in 50 pages how you can make your service easier and more fun with self-service. Discover valuable best practices to set up a self-service portal that stands out.

  • Chapter 1 Self-service portal Selfie: up and running in a flash
  • Chapter 2 How to successfully promote your self-service portal
  • Chapter 3 Get on the right track to a successful service catalogue
  • Chapter 4 Make your self-service portal stand out and attract more customers
  • Chapter 5 How to build better forms for your customers
  • Chapter 6 CERM: Is the phone ringing off the hook?
  • Chapter 7 Shifting knowledge left
  • Chapter 8 Level up with KCS
  • Chapter 9 4 other ways to make your services more strategic

One of the authors, Colin Bassant

Colin is a service management consultant at TOPdesk and knowledge management specialist. He helps organizations make their customers more self-reliant and happier via Shift Left and the smart use of knowledge management.

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