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The Total Economic Impact™ Of TOPdesk Enterprise

According to a study by Forrester Consulting, TOPdesk customers can expect to reduce call volume by up to 50%. And they can improve service desk process efficiency by up to 35%. The Total Economic Impact™ Of TOPdesk Enterprise is an October 2016 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of TOPdesk.

The Study

TOPdesk’s software is flexible and our consultants support organizations throughout the implementation. As a result, TOPdesk is highly efficient and the investment pays off within six to seven months. Want to find out more? Download the full Forrester study here.

Download the Total Economic Impact study

Total Economic Impact study

The research

Forrester researched the impact of our software for several companies who started working with TOPdesk. The results? With TOPdesk, service desks become much more efficient and end-users are more self-reliant thanks to TOPdesk’s self-service portal, where they can find answers quickly and easily. With TOPdesk’s self-service solutions, organizations are able to improve service delivery as well as alleviate the workload at the service desk. All of this means that end users’ issues are resolved much faster, leading to increases in customer satisfaction.


View our TEI webinar

On the 8th of December, guest speaker Sean McCormick from Forrester discussed the results of the TEI study and provided interesting background information. Sign up here to view this webinar and find out how TOPdesk helps organizations improve their service delivery and reduce costs and work load at the same time.

View our TEI webinar