TOPdesk asset management

The new Asset Management. Complete flexibility.

In May 2017 you were first introduced to the new Asset Management module, a replacement for Configuration Management. Over the years more and more features have been added, but we're not there yet! Learn more about how Asset Management will replace Configuration Management below.

Why should I use Asset Management?

The new module is all about flexibility. You determine how you use the module to best fit your processes. You design the asset types via templates, so that each asset card displays exactly the information you need. Empty or irrelevant fields no longer distract you from the information you want to see. In the module, you’re able to create dependencies between different assets. When you have a problem with a single asset, you can assess the larger impact. Furthermore, Asset Management offers you a powerful REST API to integrate with other tools. Managing and working with your assets has become easier than ever.

How do I get started?

If you already use Configuration Management, you can switch to Asset Management at any time, free of cost. Either migrate your existing objects to the new module, or start off fresh by creating new templates and assets.

Check out the video and roadmap below to get an idea of how the module looks, and the priority of new features. If you want more information on how you'll be affected by the migration, assess a migration via the button below.

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Join our webinar series about Asset Management to learn more about migration and the module itself. Sign up here for the Dutch series or here for the English series

See the new module in action

Want to get a quick impression of the flexibility available to you? Check out this 5 minute product demonstration.

A glance into the future

We're working hard to add new functionalities to the new Asset Management so you can migrate as soon as possible. Estimating when features will be released is rather difficult though. 

For more information regarding the development of TOPdesk, follow our public roadmap.

GRC: a next level application

Draw more inspiration from a TOPdesk customer who uses the new Asset Management for Governance, Risk Management and Compliance.

TOPdesk roadmap


Webinar series : Migrating to Asset Management

Want to know more about the New Asset Management module? Have you seen the new module, but are you still wondering how to migrate your existing assets? Join our webinar series! In this series you will:

  • Learn fundamental information about asset management
  • We explain the perks for this new module
  • Share information about migrations and it's possible impact
  • And give you tips on how to get started with it

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