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Webinar series: Migrating to Asset Management

Want to know more about the New Asset Management module? Have you seen the new module, but are you still wondering how to migrate your existing assets? Join us for this 4-part webinar series and we’ll get you started!

In this webinar series we will:

  1. Introduce the New Asset Management
  2. Demonstrate a migration
  3. Give you tips, tricks & best practices

You can find an explanation per webinar down below on this page. 


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Introduction to the New Asset Management

Want to know more about the New Asset Management module? Have you heard about the new module, but haven’t seen it in action? Join us for an introduction to New Asset Management, and we’ll get you familiar with the module!

In this webinar:

  • We introduce you to the ins & outs of the New Asset Management module.
  • We teach you how to browse and filter the Asset overview
  • We show you how to design your own Assets by creating and reusing templates, fields and widgets.
  • We will give you ideas on how to get the most out of your asset management by integration and automation.

Migration to Asset Management: where to start?

If you’re still working with Configuration Management and have been watching the updates from TOPdesk, you’ll know it’s coming: a migration of your objects to new module Asset Management. For some it might be a simple to-do, for other organizations it might require a full-blown project. But how would you approach the migration? And what steps do you need to take? We’ll get you started!

In this webinar:

  • We provide you with a project approach to the migration: deliverables, risks and dependencies.
  • We discuss how to research your own use of Configuration Management to prepare yourself for the migration.
  • We advise on the right order of migration, testing and designing templates.

Migration to Asset Management: demonstration & common errors

Perhaps you are preparing for a migration to the New Asset Management or you tried to do a migration and got stuck.  Join us for a demonstration of the migration and a discussion of the most common blockers and errors.

In this webinar:

  • We discuss the planning of development of New Asset Management, and which migration blockers still exist.
  • We walk you through the migration wizard step by step.
  • We look into the most common errors and show you how to deal with them.

New Asset Management: tips, tricks & best practices

Are you planning to start using New Asset Management? Do you already use the module, but feel you can still use some ideas to improve your implementation? Join us for a webinar filled with tips, tricks and best practices from TOPdesk consultants around the world.

In this webinar:

  • We discuss how to make the best use of your asset templates.
  • We provide you with some cool examples of integration and automation.
  • We introduce some interesting use cases of the new module that go beyond your typical asset registration.