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Municipalities: Level up your User Experience (UX)

July 2020

We have learned first-hand that User Experience is important in Municipal organizations and would like to share our advice to you through this webinar.  

Join Yash, a consultant with TOPdesk Canada, as he walks you through the different features, possibilities, and maturity levels of a Self-Service Portal (SSP). They will provide examples of TOPdesk SSP's and universal best practices for municipalities to improve user experience and provide faster service. 

What can I expect in this webinar?

You can expect to improve User Experience within your department through:   

  • Creating a service catalogue   
  • Enabling a Self-Service Portal (SSP) for all your service departments  
  • Providing Citizen Support using Public Forms  
  • Using integrations in your Self-Service Portal to improve efficiency            
  • Helping your users help themselves         

Yash Parikh

Service Management Consultant at TOPdesk