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Improve customer service through Cognitive Virtual Agents

November 2019

The maturity of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology results in a new generation of chatbots and digital assistants that improve the customer experience for companies and organizations. Gartner has predicted that, by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with companies without interacting with a human. 

During this webinar you’ll meet Amelia, the Digital Service Desk Employee. She can manage support requests through a seamless integration with TOPdesk service management software. And she can help customers with frequently asked questions, like password resets. 

This artificial intelligence (AI) solution automates and takes over routine work, so your employees save time and have the opportunity to commit to more complex questions and projects. Amelia is a chatbot and cognitive assistant with a human appearance and characteristics. Find out how she can improve productivity at your service desk.

This webinar will take 45 minutes and will be held in English. Ludo Bergkamp (TOPdesk), Paul Verkaik (IPsoft) and Maurits van der Zouw (Go2the.cloud) will be your hosts. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions via live chat.

Maurits van der Zouw

Ludo Bergkamp, Paul Verkaik, Maurits van der Zouw (foto)