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Mature Service Management with Artificial Intelligence

Augustus 2019

AI is a hot topic, dominating the news and steadily entering our lives. But how does it apply to the field of service management? And what is TOPdesk doing with AI?

In this webinar, we embark on a trip to the future and find that AI will play a key role in making service desks more mature. We see that AI helps customers to help themselves, makes operators more effective, and even prevents problems from occurring. Then it’s time to show the steps TOPdesk is taking. We share our results and experiences, and share our AI roadmap. Finally, we recommend steps you can take today to make effective use of AI in the future.

This webinar is not technical, takes 40 minutes and the language is  English. It is presented by Arvind Ganga, who leads the introduction of AI into TOPdesk.

Arvind Ganga

Arvind Ganga

AI lead at TOPdesk