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Get to know the Outlook Room Booker

March 2020

Are your end-users use planning meetings in Outlook? And do they struggle with the combination Outlook for planning meetings, TOPdesk for planning room bookings? There is a solution! Integrate Outlook and TOPdesk and ensure more user-friendliness and reduce the amount of no-shows.

The Outlook Room Booker, developed by Scope4mation, will ensure that all meetings in Outlook and TOPdesk are synchronized. Always. So, if a meeting is cancelled in Outlook, the meeting will be cancelled in TOPdesk and the room will be available for someone else. This integration allows you to use the best of both worlds: your organization can continue to book rooms via Outlook, and can make use of the added functionalities TOPdesk Reservations Management offers.

Find out in this webinar:

  • How this integration works
  • What you need to do to implement this integration
  • What extensions are in the pipeline for near future

This webinar is hosted with our partner Scope4Mation. Your hosts are Lars de Bont and Joost Ale. If you have any questions during the webinar you can ask them via the chat. 

Joost Ale 300x300

Lars de Bont, Joost Ale (photo)

ORB Specialist, CEO of Scope4Mation