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TOPdesk Product Update

October 2019

Are you curious what new features have been created that could benefit you and your end users? Would you like to know why we are focusing on certain projects, and learn about the current and upcoming projects?

Join us in our Product Update webinar! Some of the topics that will be addressed are:

  • Change Management on the Kanban Board
  • AI-powered Incident Affiliation
  • Mobile interface for incidents

After the webinar, you’ll be up-to-date about our newly released and upcoming product features, and what these can do for you and your organization. 

This webinar is in English and will last about 45 minutes. Stefan van Opstal and Marco Tonino, both Product Managers at TOPdesk, will present the webinar. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions via the live chat.

Stefan van Opstal

Stefan van Opstal & Marco Tonino

Product Managers at TOPdesk