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TOPdesk | Your guides to service excellence

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Review your TOPdesk and gain actionable results

9th July 2:00pm (BST)

Wondering how to see how well you are doing using TOPdesk at your organisation?

Join our webinar which will help you determine how healthy your ways of working are within your TOPdesk environment, and what you can do to improve it.

During this webinar we will be discussing:

  • Tips and tricks getting your basics right to ensure you can get quality data from your TOPdesk environment
  • How other TOPdesk customers have utilised data and reports from their TOPdesk environments and what improvements they have made
  • How to take actionable results from your data to analyse how well your team is performing.
  • How to experience a Mini Health Check – delivered free by a TOPdesk consultant

Jan Laan & Callum Mawer

Service Management & Inside Sales Consultant, TOPdesk