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ROGER365.io – TOPdesk Caller ID integration with Microsoft Teams

September 17, 2020: 11 AM PDT - 2 PM EDT

This may sound like a dream: You’re contacting customer service and they already know who they're talking to and know what the topic is about.

The ROGER365.io TOPdesk integration in Microsoft Teams makes this dream come true.

  • Direct insights in available customer information when a customers reaches out to you
  • All communication centralized in Microsoft Teams (WhatsApp, webchat, social media etc.)
  • Efficiency for both the customer and your agents
  • Maximizing the productivity of your contact center
  • Reduce interaction costs and increase sales

Curious? Fabien van ‘t Woudt, Business Development manager at Ask Roger! Tells you everything about it in this webinar. 

fabien van t woudt

Fabien van 't Woudt

Business Development Manager, Ask Roger!