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Transforming the Norm: Customer Trends, How Can We Meet Expectations?

21st September 2021, 2pm (BST)

There's no one size fits all when it comes to delivering services to our customers. We must pinpoint what our users want and ensure that we're meeting or even exceeding their expectations!  

But what do these expectations look like? Do our customers want email or self-service? Telephone or face-to-face communication?  

In the second episode of the Transforming the Norm series, hosts Sumit De, Head of UK Consultancy, and Tonicha Kuzan, Customer Success Manager, will explore three current customer trends:  

  • Soaring self-service demand  
  • Keeping options open  
  • Ever-evolving expectations 

And offer some advice on how you can capitalise on these trends and ensure you're on the right side of the 'what customers want versus what customers get' battle.  

Can't wait for the webinar? Download your copy of the Transforming the Norm e-book here to explore the data behind our customer's expectations of service delivery.  

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Tonicha Kuzan & Sumit De

Customer Success Manager & Head of UK Consultancy