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Webinar: Get to know TOPdesk's Virtual Appliance

Want to get the newest features as a on premises customer? Change to TOPdesk's Virtual Appliance.

A lot of TOPdesk customers work in an on premises environment. Some features are not yet available for on premises customers due to some technical limitations. To solve this issue TOPdesk developed the Virtual Appliance. A different way of installing TOPdesk, where you deploy a pre-configured package containing all you need to use the newest features. During the webinar, the following topics will be discussed:

  • What is the Virtual Appliance and why did we chose this solution?

  • What are the benefits of the Virtual Appliance? 

  • What can you do to prepare for the Virtual Appliance installation? And what does it mean for your organization?

After watching this webinar, you’ll be up-to-date about what the TOPdesk Virtual Appliance can mean for your organization, and how to prepare for it effectively.



Go to our product update blog to find more information on the TOPdesk Virtual Appliance. 

Go to the TOPdesk Product Update blog