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TOPdesk webinaires

Faire connaissance avec TOPdesk

Vous voulez travailler plus efficacement, améliorer vos services et enregistrer des incidents en toute simplicité ? Nous serons alors heureux de vous présenter notre application conviviale de gestion de services lors d’une série de webinaires.

Dans cette série, nous abordons les sujets suivants :

  1. Vos services informatiques
  2. Adhérer à la réglementation COVID-19 : gestion des réservations avec TOPdesk
  3. Vos services GMAO
  4. Le banquet des héros

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Webinaires passés

Introduction TOPdesk pour le département IT

Durant le webinaire "Introduction à TOPdesk ITSM", nous allons vous montrer comment TOPdesk peut aider votre département à travailler de façon plus efficace.

Vous pourrez ainsi avoir un premier aperçu de notre solution pour le service management. De cette façon, vous pourrez découvrir si TOPdesk ITSM convient également à votre organisation.


Using TOPdesk for Remote Working, Transparent Workflows and a Smooth Customer Experience

Working from home due to COVID-19? Looking for quick tips, tricks & best practices to quickly enable remote work & collaboration using your TOPdesk environment? 

During this webinar, Ben Scavuzzo, Consultant at TOPdesk will discuss the follow topics:

  • Publish accessible updates to your organization
  • Public forms for unregistered customers
  • Enabling self service remotely for your customers
  • Collaboration on remote work
  • Tracking time and effort against remote operators
  • Quickly implementing TOPdesk for other departments
  • And some personal tips and best practices on working from home!


TOPdesk Mobile

Maybe you've heard a thing our two about TOPdesk Mobile. Time to look at the details. What's the plan, and what have we built so far? Join the webinar to find out

During this webinar we will answer questions like:

  • Which use cases are covered?
  • What the planning is for 2020?


How to make the most of Contract Management

Sometimes you have to communicate quickly with your customer. For instance: your customer is setting up a presentation, but their laptop doesn’t show up on the monitor. At moments like this, chat is an effective channel of communication. You can help your customer quickly and effectively. 

Want to find out what TOPdesk Chat can do for your organization? Attend our webinar and find out more about:

  • Chat as a channel of communication
  • What TOPdesk Chat can do for your organization
  • TOPdesk Chat demo.


Webinar: A practical approach to Knowledge Management - that actually works!

Have you ever experienced repeat questions, tasks taking up too much time, fire fighting rather than being proactive, customers that aren't self-sufficient? These are things that every organisation has struggled with, but good knowledge sharing can solve almost all of these issues and more.

Your colleagues all have their own extensive knowledge. The problem is that much of this knowledge is hidden or invisible, making it difficult for an organisation to have relevant knowledge available at the right time. Only together, can we know the very most.


Creating useful reports within TOPdesk

TOPdesk's built-in five step reporting wizard is a great way to build useful reports, instantly giving you insight into key data relating to your service desk and providing detailed statistics. 

Join us to learn more about:

  • Preparing for successful reports
  • TOPdesk's key metrics for continual Service Improvement
  • Common reporting pitfalls


Self-Service Catalogue Webinar

Launching your self-service catalogue within TOPdesk or looking to improve the way you present the services you offer? Customer centricity is key to developing a successful self-service catalogue.


Is ITIL 4 the new service management bible?

Recently ITIL 4: ITIL Foundation was published. It explains the fundamentals of ITIL 4, and contains concepts, terminology and processes to get started with the new version. ITIL 4 distinguishes the following 4 elements:

    • Key concepts of service management
    • 4 dimensions of service management
    • ITIL Service Value System (SVS), which also comprises the guiding principles
    • ITIL Management Practices


Get to know TOPdesk's collaboration platform!

Do you want collaborate with your suppliers? Start working together with TOPdesk's collaboration platform!

More and more products and services are being outsourced to suppliers or external service providers. Collaboration and communication with these parties is not always as smooth as you want it to be. For security reasons, customers often do not want to open up their TOPdesk to suppliers. And suppliers, for their part, don't like having to work in multiple TOPdesk environments. During this webinar, we'll focus on developments within TOPdesk to improve how you collaborate with your customers and suppliers.