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Webinar Series: Getting Started in TOPdesk

A new series for 2021

The series focuses around TOPdesk features, so we’ll be running through what’s possible within the tool. There are two streams: ‘getting started with TOPdesk’ and ‘levelling up your TOPdesk’.

The ‘Getting started with TOPdesk’ stream is aimed at people who are new to service management software, who haven’t used TOPdesk before, or who are from a new department that have recently started using it.

The content will be fairly basic yet informative. If this isn’t you, then we’d recommend you attend ‘levelling up your TOPdesk’ instead.

The Incident Management webinar will be focusing on:

  • Starting with the ticketing workflow in TOPdesk
  • Process of integrating knowledge centered support practices with incident management
  • Starting with incident reporting

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