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Phasing out Internet Explorer 11

TOPdesk wants its software to be well prepared for the future, and we strive at allocating as many resources as possible to promising new technologies.

One item demanding considerable resources at TOPdesk, is the support of multiple browser products and versions. That’s the reason why our company regularly revises the range of browsers that should be compatible with our products. Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) is one of those browsers.

Keeping TOPdesk current

IE 11 is supported at the expense of usability and new features

For the development teams at TOPdesk, supporting the outdated Internet Explorer 11 means a great deal of double work, and sometimes even concessions with regard to user experience. Browsers have evolved far beyond what IE11 could do in 2013. Nowadays, browsers are full platforms for web applications, compared to the former web page viewers they’ve once been. Especially mobile browsing has introduced many innovations that are vital to a pleasant mobile experience, with only a few of these features available for IE11. 


Sticking to IE 11 for you means piling up technical debt

However, Internet Explorer 11 isn’t only a resources issue for TOPdesk. To our customers, IE 11 is a risk too. The Edge predecessor

  • doesn't behave according to web standards;
  • hasn't received feature updates in six years; 
  • doesn't get fixes for feature bugs.

Microsoft itself officially declared the browser as legacy in January 2016. Read more in this blog post by the company’s chief of security about the perils of using IE11 as your default browser .

What to expect

Update your browser

To get to the point: TOPdesk would like to phase out support for Internet Explorer 11. No deadline has been picked yet, and the 2019 releases will in any case support IE 11.

When it comes to modern alternatives for Internet Explorer 11, TOPdesk supports Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (recommended browsers), as well as Microsoft Edge.

You would like to drop IE 11, but your organization uses custom web apps written for IE 11? In this case, too, updating your default browser is the way to go. Fortunately, Chrome and Edge feature the so-called enterprise mode, which allows you to continue using IE 11 for selected domains:

Concerns about migrating to a different browser?

If you have concerns about migrating to a different browser, we would like you to share your thoughts with us. We will use your input to provide as much support as we can in helping you migrate to a different browser, so that you can update safely to newer versions. 

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