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Make your IT help desk more efficient

TOPdesk automates your services. Easily register tickets, manage your IT team’s workload, and offer personalized support.

Reduce the number of tickets by 50%

TOPdesk’s Self-Service Portal and Knowledge Base give your customers the freedom to register their own tickets, and find solutions to their most frequent problems.

Better insight into your performance

Does management expect you to resolve problems quickly? Reports in TOPdesk give you the numbers to prove your worth.

Features that make your IT service desk more efficient

Ticket icon

Ticket Management

Register and process all complaints , wishes and requests.

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Asset Management

Asset Management

Easily register and keep track of your hardware and software in a graphical CMDB. Read more

Self-Service Portal

Self-Service Portal

Give customers 24/7 access to their tickets and FAQs. Read more

Dashboard and Reporting

Dashboard and Reporting

Measure your performance and customer satisfaction.

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"With TOPdesk’s help, DSBN has begun to transcend the idea of what a traditional IT department means."
Derek Galipeau, supervisor of technical services and support

Easily process tickets and manage workloads

  • Register and process tickets more efficiently – from any location.
  • Assign tickets to an operator or supplier in a matter of clicks.
  • View a ticket’s conversation history, and keep customers up to date at all times.

Offer customers a great self-service experience

  • Let end users log and track tickets, search your knowledge base, and make reservations.
  • Publish your products, services, forms, news and more thanks to the fully customizable Self-Service Portal.
  • Create standard forms for common request, which are directly sent to the right operator.

Get better insight into your department's performance

  • Create reports in five easy steps about response times, ticket volume by caller and equipment. 
  • Visualize your KPIs and reports on a customizable dashboard, and easily uncover your service desk's bottlenecks.