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You don't only work at your desk anymore, but you also work on the go. That's why TOPdesk aims to offer a great mobile experience too. For the long term, we're working on having a completely responsive application that works well on all devices. Our aim is to support end users and operators/technicians on-the-go to make their daily work easier.  

End users

As an end user, the Self-Service Portal is the go-to place for all your service requests. Whether you want to use the track and trace functionality, request new hardware, or report an issue, you can do it all in the responsive portal.

The Self-Service Portal has everything you would normally find in the end user portal, such as:

  • Knowledge items
  • Logging issues
  • News items
  • Authorizations



Mobile ssp

What is available for end users?

The Self-Service Portal is almost fully responsive to any kind of device. End users can easily access the Self-Service Portal by following their usual TOPdesk link. In the meantime, we're still working on some improvements.

Here are some examples of how we're improving the mobile experience for end users:

  • Any user should be able to track their requests at any time and under any circumstance. We're gradually making the portal responsive to any kind of device in combination with ensuring WCAG 2.1 compliancy.
  • Most apps are available in either the Google Play Store or the App Store. In 2021, we want to make our app available on these two channels as well. Right now, end users can reach the Self-Service Portal via the link they would normally use on desktop.
  • We're developing a solution that allows end users to reserve a workplace in less than 10 seconds. This solution is called TOPdesk Booker is based on the new Asset Management module. For the exact scope, a prototype, and the roadmap, take a look at this item on the product roadmap. August 2020, we released a first product for reserving a generic workplace at the office. In the second release, we'll add more filter options. In the third release, we expect to add improvements that make it even easier to find the workplace that best suits the specific needs of end users. 
Mobile operator


If you're working as an agent or operator, you want to be able to do your work on-the-go without any double administration or overly complicated interfaces. That’s why we're building a brand new operator app, designed to fulfill all your needs and help you complete your daily work no matter your location.

The aim of our operator app is to provide a simple task overview with enough information to successfully help you assist your end users on-site. The app will provide you with information on our basic process modules, such as Call Management, Change Management, and Operations Management.

What is and what will be available for operators?

If you're on SaaS, you already have access to the new app. For now, we offer basic functionalities, but we're adding new features to the app every week. We currently offer:

  • An installable web app
  • Task overview
  • Handling calls
  • Updating change activities
  • Work on maintenance tasks of the operations management module
  • Search for tasks by their task number
  • Create new tasks on the spot

In Q4 of 2021, we'll be working on the following (in no specific order):

  • Offline availability
  • Improvements to the overview

If you have input for any of these features, please feel free to contact us via our feedback form.


What's next?

We want to hear from you! We have ideas about what we should deliver next, but your input will help us prioritize features. Let us know in this form which features you need most!


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How do I reach the operator app?

If you're on SaaS, you can already fully use the application by going to your TOPdesk SaaS environment and adding /services/navigation to your normal URL, for example:

We'll make it more easily accessible soon.

What are the main differences between the new and old operator app?

The new version of TOPdesk Mobile is a progressive web app. You can log in and install TOPdesk Mobile more easily compared to the previous app. And since we'll only need to develop on one platform, you'll receive new features much more quickly.

The old app offers Operations Management as well as Incident Management. This functionality is planned in the new app for the second half of 2021.  

The old app doesn't support Change Management. Working on change activities is now supported in the new app. Follow progress on our roadmap here.

What will happen to the old operator app?

You'll be able to use the old app online until the new web app is mature enough to replace it. Follow the progress of the new TOPdesk Mobile via the TOPdesk Product Update emails, the roadmap, or this page.

When is the new TOPdesk Mobile for operators available?

It's already available to all SaaS users. The new app is available on the VA as of the first release of 2021. 

Will I be able to work offline?

Eventually, yes. We're working on getting more functionality out first. Later, you'll be able to use the operator app offline. We still need to do research on what features are needed exactly in offline modus, so feel free to leave your suggestions via the feedback form.

How does this progressive web app work?

You can navigate to the mobile link and install it on your mobile device. Android users will be prompted to install it, whereas iOS users will need to install it manually by using the “add to homescreen” functionality on their device.

Why is the app not available in the Google Play Store or the App Store?

Since our current app offers the possibility to install already, we have decided to prioritize adding more features to TOPdesk Mobile and making it available in the Google Play Store and App Store later, we hope to have this available in the second half of 2021. 

What can I expect next?

We are now making the maintenance tasks (PPEs or operational activities) available. We hope you can enjoy these fully at the end of Q3. 

I want to be involved in the development of TOPdesk Mobile, how can I help?

Share your input and feedback! You can help determine the future of TOPdesk Mobile by becoming a beta tester or sharing your feature requests. Use one of the two options below to get in touch with us. Let us know which features you need in an app or if you're interested in being the first to test new features. We'll get in touch with you.

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