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TOPdesk Mobile

TOPdesk Mobile 

Work is not only done behind your desk, of course you expect a good mobile experience. For the long term we are working on having a completely responsive application that works well on all your devices.  

Our aim is to support end-users and operators/technicians on the go so we can make your daily work easier.  

End users

The Self-service Portal is the go-to place for all your  service requests. Whether you want to use the track and trace functionality, request new hardware or report something you can all find it on our responsive portal.

You will find everything that you normally find in the end user portal such as:

  • Knowledgeitems
  • Possibility to report things
  • News items
  • Authorizations



Mobile ssp

What is available for end users?

The selfservice portal is almost fully responsive and can be approached by following your usual TOPdesk link as an end-user. We are still working on some improvements.

Here are some examples of how we are imrpvoing the end-users' mobile experience:

  • Any user should be able to track their requests at any time and under any circumstance. We are gradually making the portal responsive to any kind of device in combination with ensuring WCAG 2.1 compliancy.
  • As a user of apps you would want to find things where the normally: are the Play- and Appstore. At the end of this year we want to make a start in launching our app via those two channels.You can read more about it below. Currently the selfservice portal can be reached through the link they would normally use on desktop.
  • We are developing a solution that makes it possible to reserve a workplace in less than 10 seconds. See for the exact scope, a prototype and the roadmap this item on the product roadmap. At the end of August we aim to release a first product that makes it possible to reserve a generic workplace in the office. In the second release we will add more filter options. In the third release we expect to add some improvements to make it even easier to find the best suited workplace. The TOPdesk workplace booker is based on new asset management.
Mobile operator


If you are working as an agent or operator on the go you want to be able to do you work without any double administration or overly complicated interfaces. That’s why we are building a new operator app designed to fulfill your needs in completing your daily work on the go.

The aim is to give a simple task overview with enough information to successfully help you help your end-users on site. The app will provide you with information on our basic process modules such as incident-, change- and operations management.

What is and will be available for operators?

If you are on SaaS, you already have access to the new app. We offer basic functionality, but we are adding new things on a weekly basis. We currently offer:

  • An installable web app
  • Task overview
  • Incidents and calls

What we plan on working on in Q3 and Q4 of 2020 in no specific order is:

  • Registering new incidents
  • Simple changes
  • Change activities
  • Operational activities
  • Push notifications
  • Support of most important asset management processes
  • Play- and Appstore availability

In case you have input on any of these please feel free to contact us via our feedback form.


What's next?

We want to hear from you! We have a few ideas about what we should deliver next, but your input will help us prioritize features. Let us know in this form which features you need most!


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 How to reach the operator app?

If you are on SaaS you can already fully use the application by going to your SaaS environment and adding /services/navigation behind your normal URL. So for example: https://yoururl.topdesk.net/services/navigation.

We will make it easier to access soon.

What are main differences between the new and old operator app?

The new version of TOPdesk Mobile is a progressive web app. You will log in and install TOPdesk Mobile more easily than the previous app. As we will only need to develop on one platform, you will receive features quicker.

The old app offers operations management next to incident management. This functionality will be added in Q4 to our new app.

The old app will not support change management. Simple changes will be added to the new one in Q4 and change activities are expected Q3 2020. Follow progress on our roadmap here.

What will happen to the old operator app?

You will be able to use the old app online until the new web app is mature enough to replace it. Follow the progress of the new Mobile via the TOPdesk Product Update mails, on our roadmap or this page.

When is the new Mobile for operators available?

It is already available to all SaaS users. We are still looking into when we want to release for the Virtual Appliance. We want to make sure we deliver the right functionalities for the VA because the release cycle is quarterly thus small adjustments and improvements will take longer to publish.

Will I be able to work offline?

Eventually yes. We are working on getting functionality out first. Later you will be able to use the operator app offline. We still need to do research on what functionality is needed exactly in offline modus so feel free to leave your suggestions here: feedback form

How does this installable webapp work?

You can go to our mobile link and install it on your mobile device. Android users will be prompted to install it, whereas iOS users will need to install it manually by using the “add to homescreen” functionality on your device.

Why is the app not available in an Appstore or Playstore?

Since our current app offers the possibility to install already, we have decided to prioritize adding more functionality to it and delivering it to the App- and Playstore later. We plan on working on the publishing at the end of 2020.

What can I expect next?

Change activities are planned roughly for Q3 2020. Operational activities are planed afterwards, in Q4 2020.

We expect to deliver the creation of new incidents in Q3 as well. We will update regularly on our product roadmap. If you are interested in specific updates you can follow the following items:

Incident management

Change management

I want to be involved with the development, how can I help?

Share your input and feedback! You can help determine the future of the app by becoming a beta tester or sharing your feature requests. Use one of the two options below to get in touch. Let us know which features you need in an app or if you are interested in being the first to test new features. We will get in touch with you.

On our Feedback form

On our Road map

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