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TOPdesk Mobile

TOPdesk Mobile Vision

At TOPdesk we want to provide operators, technicians and agents that work on site with the right information so that they can easily solve a task, do their administration and see whether anything else needs to be done at that specific location.

Currently, TOPdesk only supports the functionalities required to meet this vision partially. We are working to make sure we support this vision fully.


What is available?

You'll first have access to a minimum viable product. The MVP will include the following functionalities:

  • An installable web app
  • Default task overview
    • Only show calls
    • Filter open calls by the current operator
    • Filter on branches
  • Call card
    • See call information
    • Post plain-text replies
    • Update call status
    • View attachments
    • View Photos inline

What's next?

We want to hear from you! We have a few ideas about what we should deliver next, but your input will help us prioritize features. Let us know in this form which features you need most!


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What are main differences between the new and old app?

The new version of TOPdesk Mobile is a progressive web app. You'll log in and install TOPdesk Mobile more easily than the previous app. As we'll only need to develop on one platform, you'll receive features quicker.

What will happen to the old app?

You'll be able to use the old app online until the new web app is mature enough to replace it. Follow the progress of the new Mobile via the TOPdesk Product Update.

When is the new Mobile available?

We aim to release early Q1. A specific date is yet to be announced. We are currently testing with beta users on SaaS. This way we are closely in touch with our customers and are we able to quickly build improvements on the product.

What will be available?

At first, TOPdesk Mobile will support operators on-the-go solving calls. Features will include: 

  • List of calls
  • Filtering by branch and operator group
  • Adjusting statuses and adding actions

Will I be able to work offline?

Eventually yes. We are working on getting functionality out first. Later you'll be able to use TOPdesk Mobile offline. We still need to do research on what functionality is needed exactly in offline modus so feel free to leave your suggestions here: feedback form

How does this installable webapp work? And why don’t we get a native application?

As soon as you receive a link, you can log in and install the webapp. No need to go to app store, look for the right app, find your environment and then log in.

Why won’t the app be available in an app store?

Having a installable webapp is more user friendly. If demand is high enough, we might still make it available on app stores later.

What can I expect next?

Change activities are planned roughly for Q1 2020. Operational activities are planed afterwards, somewhere in Q2 2020.

How can I help?

Share your input and feedback! You can help determine the future of the app by becoming a beta tester or sharing your feature requests. Use one of the two options below to get in touch. Let us know which features you need in an app or if you are interested in being the first to test new features.


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