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Webinar TOPdesk Savision

Webinar: 'Proactive service management with TOPdesk and Savision' - October 31

Every organisation is familiar with the downside of IT outages. To tackle this, a lot of organisations have deployed the monitoring solution from Microsoft, SCOM. With SCOM, administrators get notified if something happens in their IT environment.

However, often administrators are faced with a flood of alerts but find it difficult to identify their root cause. Also, SCOM might not detect a problem, while at the same time the Service Desk get calls from users that experience issues at their end.

Savision Live Maps is the dashboard solution for SCOM, that provides organisations with insight and helps them to correlate, filter and prioritise based on the impact that an outage could have on the business, also known as the end user perspective. By integrating with TOPdesk, Live Maps allows you to automatically register Incidents and to direct them to the correct resolution team.

During the webinar hosted by TOPdesk and Savision you will learn more about the benefits of monitoring from the end user's perspective, such as:

  • 30% reduction in number of incidents;
  • 20% less downtime
  • 15% reduction in number of Helpdesk Calls

A demonstration was also given of the integration between TOPdesk and Savision Live Maps. This webinar is in English and will have a duration of approximately 30 minutes.

October 31, 16:00 (UTC+1)

Justin Boerrigter

Technical Sales Manager - Savision

Watch the recording