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Articles of and about TOPdesk that have appeared in the media.


TOPdesk's Service Management Solution Receives An "Honorable Mention" In The 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management Report - PR Newswire (EN)

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The Making of a Maturity Model: An Approach to Culture and Client Support - ITSM.tools (EN)

Culture Is Not A Dirty Word: Building Teams And Organizations That Lead To Growth - Software Business Growth (EN)

TOPdesk Named Best Help Desk Software for 2020 by Digital.com - PRweb (EN)

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Take a Reactive Approach to Knowledge Management - Digital Transformation Extra (EN) 

TOPdesk Receives TrustRadius TRUE Program Certification - PR Newswire

Putting the user first: Why goals, comms, and transparency are key for internal services - Enterprise CIO (EN)

ESM Advances Workflows to Improve the Overall Employee Experience - Workflow Magazine (EN)

Laat je IT-afdeling groeien met het Service Excellence Maturity Model - CIO.com (NL)

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Is ITSM ready to manage the future’s AI infrastructure? - IT Ops Times

The Power of A Great Employee’s Farewell - Ceoworld Magazine

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Dutch software provider invests £2.3m into Manchester base - Prolific North

"Secret ingredients, great service culture" - HDI

Life after the age of the “Big Four” - openPR

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The importance of great customer experience - Management Events

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How IT Departments Could Become Strategic - Accelerating IT Sucess 

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TOPdesk Named a “Top Rated” IT Service Management Vendor by TrustRadius - Globalnewswire.com

TOPdesk Receives Highest User Rating on “Gartner Peer Insights” in Service Management Category - Globalnewswire.com

The 4 Foundational Pillars for Better IT Service Desk Performance - Accelerating IT Success

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Making service excellence part of service management - CIO.com

Deconstructing silos in your enterprise service management towers of Babel - CIO.com

You Are Not Delivering a Product or a Service Anymore, You Are Delivering Value - Business2Community 

Kandan, The World's Oldest New Trend - Business2Community 

Focusing on the customer experience at a software organisation – from the service desk onwards - EnterpriseCIO

Education's shared service management silo breakers - ITProPortal

Providing School Support And Services Means Meeting Users Where they Work and Learn - Innovation Enterprise

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Enterprise service management: what’s in a name? -  CIO.com

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More Fun Than Disney, TOPdesk Opens In Orlando - Tools Advisor

Software firm TOPdesk wants to collaborate with UCF and add jobs - Orlando Business Journal

Global software firm TOPdesk chooses Orlando for its U.S. HQ - Orlando Business Journal

Dutch software firm chooses Orlando for North America HQ - Orlando Sentinel