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Professional Consulting Services team

Professional Consulting Services - TOPdesk

Are you looking to improve the services within your organisation, but you don't know where to start? Let us improve your services by implementing and improving your service catalogue or knowledge management best practices and processes.

Join one of our training or workshops about Service Design, Customer Focused Service approach or communication. Want to make sure that you are making the most of TOPdesk, do a Health Check!

Would you like to know more about our TOPdesk implementation or technical consultancy? Continue reading here.

Improve your Processes

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Implement and improve your Service Catalogue

Use our knowledge of Customer Experience optimisation and and user journey-mapping to build an optimised Service Catalogue and Self-Service Portal that your customers will love.
From start to finish, our team and knowledge will not only help deliver a fantastic final product but also help you and the team develop the right processes to keep on improving even after the project is finished.
Minimum recommended time: 7 days

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Resources TOPdesk

Knowledge Management best practices and processes 

Knowledge Management is vital to the modern Service Desk. Implement a self-healing knowledge base and a true knowledge sharing culture by adopting Best Practice Knowledge management.
In this workshop, you will work alongside us to achieve increased customer and employee satisfaction, a reduction in call volumes and increased efficiency across the Service Desk. We will help you set up processes that help your efficiency instantly and far down the line.
Minimum recommended time: 10 days

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Training days and workshops

Process Development and Maturity

Utilising common Service Design techniques and processes and infusing a lot of our own experience, we help you optimise your service delivery processes with a pragmatic approach that puts results ahead of formalities.
Recommended time: Variable
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Technical Consultancy

Do you need to expand your Services? Whether you’re looking to integrate TOPdesk with other systems or automate processes with our API’s, TOPdesk technical specialists will be able to assist you and make sure all integrations run smoothly. 
Recommended time: Variable
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Customer Focused Service Approach

The Customer Focused Service Approach

Your Service Desk needs a strong Customer focus to provide the right level of service. But what defines quality? And which elements determine whether a customer is satisfied with the service you provide?
In this training, you'll learn what a true customer-focused approach entails. And you'll discover it's easier than you think! Not only will this enhance customer satisfaction, it will also boost your team's job satisfaction.
Recommended time: 1.5 hours

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Other services

Support TOPdesk

Customer Service Communication

Learn how to provide outstanding customer service via phone and in person. Using multiple teaching methods including games and role plays, your operators will learn how to problem solve, handle sensitive situations and help your customers in a professional but approachable tone.
Recommended time: 3 Hours (half day consultancy)
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TOPdesk Health Check

Are you making the most of TOPdesk? Over time, things change both in the software and in your business, but processes tend to stay the same. Get the chance to get a fresh pair of eyes on your TOPdesk environment, and discover new features you didn't know TOPdesk was capable of. Allow us to help realign the use of TOPdesk to best support your service delivery.
Recommended time: Variable 
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Do you need some help achieving Service Excellence? Fill in the form and we'll get back to you to organise an appointment and discuss your requirements.

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