The survey was commissioned to help us understand how business is transforming and to offer insight into the future of business. In the e-book you will find both qualitative and quantitative data from the survey, alongside analysis by industry experts and customers.

Topics the survey covered:

  • Enterprise service management
  • Customers
  • Investments
  • Ways of working

What's in the e-book?

In this e-book you'll learn in 40 pages how business are using ESM to level up, where the future of customer service lies, the priorities of investment for UK businesses, and how our ways of working have changed over the last 12-months, with real life examples of adapting to remote working in 2020.

  • Chapter 1 Enterprise service management: 46% don't know what it means! 
  • Chapter 2 Customers: Are we delivering the service experience they expect?
  • Chapter 3 Investment: the acceleration of digital transformation
  • Chapter 4 Ways of working: 94% of organisations report changes to daily life

One of the authors, Sumit De

Sumit is a Head of UK Consultancy at TOPdesk. He has worked with service organizations all over the world to improve their service management processes and strategies, from the U.S. and U.K. to Iraq and Kazakhstan. He’s also a regular presenter at service management events across the globe.

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