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TOPdesk | Your guides to service excellence

Upcoming webinars

Webinar: A practical approach to Knowledge Management - that actually works!

In this webinar, you will find out about a tried and tested approach to knowledge management allowing you to work smarter and with more fun. You will learn:

  • How you can determine whether knowledge sharing is for your organisation
  • What you can gain from sharing knowledge
  • How to make this knowledge sharing initiative successful. What are the pitfalls?
  • The four phases of implementing successful knowledge management
  • Practical advice on what to do today, tomorrow and in the future

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TOPdesk Product Vision and Strategy

Curious what you can expect from the TOPdesk product in the upcoming years? Join our product management team for a presentation about where we are heading and how we are preparing ourselves for the future.

During this webinar, product managers Marco and Esther will tell you more about:

  • Our product vision
  • The five strategic focus areas of the upcoming years
  • Our plans for 2020

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Get to know the Outlook Room Booker

Are your end-users use planning meetings in Outlook? And do they struggle with the combination Outlook for planning meetings, TOPdesk for planning room bookings? There is a solution! Integrate Outlook and TOPdesk and ensure more user-friendliness and reduce the amount of no-shows.

Find out in this webinar:

  • How this integration works
  • What you need to do to implement this integration
  • What extensions are in the pipeline for near future

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The impact of AI on hiring and retaining workforce in FM

Happy customers are the goal of every FM department; so is a happy workforce. Technology such as Artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved a lot in recent years. Many of us use it to take the fastest route to work, or figure out which song we just heard at the coffee shop. But what does AI mean for the way we do our work?

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Promoting your Self Service Portal

Do you want to increase the efficiency of your organisation by reducing the calls to your service desk? Join this webinar to find out how you can encourage users to visit the portal by improving the promotion of your services. 

During this webinar we will show you:

  • The latest features you can utilize in your Self Service Portal
  • How to customize your portal using the built-in designer
  • Tips and tricks to promote your portal 

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Seamless integration between TOPdesk and GoBright Room Booking

Shortage of meeting rooms on the one hand, and no shows on the other. Recognizable? Break the vicious circle!

Discover the benefits in our webinar:

  • Immediate visibility whether a room is available or occupied.
  • Easy to book a room in case of an ad hoc meeting.
  • Check in at the room to make it clear that the room is being used.
  • Nobody checks in? Then the booking is cancelled after X minutes and the room will be available again.
  • Always up-to-date: a change or cancellation of a booking will be immediately synchronized between the systems.

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Past webinars

TOPdesk Mobile

Maybe you've heard a thing our two about TOPdesk Mobile. Now it's time to look at the details. What's the plan, and what have we built so far? Watch the webinar to find out:

  • Which use cases are covered?
  • What are the plans for 2020?

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TOPdesk webinar: 12 Tips of Christmas 2019

What better way to get into the festive spirit than watching our traditional 12 Tips of Christmas webinar! Sam and Amy give you the early Christmas gift of tips and tricks to help you use TOPdesk to its full potential. We recommend settling down to watch this recording with a hot chocolate and freshly baked mince pie!

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TOPdesk reporting with Power BI, OData & Pink Elephant

Want to find out more about the reporting possibilities in TOPdesk? During this webinar consultant Jan Laan explains how Power BI connects to the OData feed for reporting. He is also joined by Jan-Willem Bastmeijer from Pink Elephant, who showcases the pre-made templates they have created for TOPdesk reporting.

Watch to learn more about:

  • What is possible with the Odata feed
  • How to get started with it
  • What Odata is capable of once a report is fully built

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Improve customer service through Cognitive Virtual Agents

The maturity of Artificial Intelligence technology results in a new generation of chatbots and digital assistants that improve the customer experience for and organizations. Gartner has predicted that, by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with companies without interacting with a human. 

Watch this webinar to meet Amelia, the Digital Service Desk Employee. She can manage support requests through a seamless integration with TOPdesk service management software.

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From Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

During this video we will talk about the change from Skype for Business to Teams. We will also tell you what the consequences of this will be, for example, TOPdesk and Toastar.

Want to find out what Microsoft Teams can do for your organization? Watch find out more about:

  • The difference between Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams
  • The effect of the change from Skype for Business to Teams on TOPdesk and Toastar.
  • What this change means for your organization

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Get to know the new TOPdesk module: Chat

Want to find out how TOPdesk Chat can enhance communication with your customers? Watch this video to find out more about:

  • Chat as a channel of communication
  • What TOPdesk Chat can do for your organization
  • See a TOPdesk Chat demo.

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TOPdesk Product Update

Curious about new TOPdesk features that could benefit you and your end users? Want to know why we are focusing on certain projects, and learn about current and upcoming projects?

Join us in our Product Update webinar! Some of the topics that will be addressed are:

  • Change Management on the Kanban Board
  • AI-powered Incident Affiliation
  • Mobile interface for incidents

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Mature Service Management with Artificial Intelligence

In this webinar, we embark on a trip to the future and find that AI will play a key role in making service desks more mature. We see that AI helps customers to help themselves, makes operators more effective, and even prevents problems from occurring. Then it’s time to show the steps TOPdesk is taking. We share our results and experiences, and share our AI roadmap. Finally, we recommend steps you can take today to make effective use of AI in the future.

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Webinar: A practical approach to Knowledge Management - that actually works!

Have you ever experienced repeat questions, tasks taking up too much time, fire fighting rather than being proactive, customers that aren't self-sufficient? These are things that every organisation has struggled with, but good knowledge sharing can solve almost all of these issues and more.

 Watch to learn more about:

  • Whether knowledge sharing is for your organisation
  • What you can gain from sharing knowledge
  • How to make this knowledge sharing successful
  • Implementing successful knowledge management
  • Practical advice on what to do today, tomorrow and in the future

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Webinar: Getting hands on with the TOPdesk Virtual Appliance

Are you an on-premise customer thinking about switching over to the TOPdesk Virtual Appliance? During this webinar, TOPdesk consultant Will Bolton gives you a back to basics, how-to guide, as well as an explanation of the Virtual Appliance concept.

Watch to find out more about:

  • An overview of the Virtual Appliance Theory
  • A step-by-step example of a migration to Virtual Appliance
  • Common pitfalls and troubles

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TOPdesk Product Update webinar

Watch our Product Update webinar to find out the main areas of focus for the product development team, newly released features and upcoming projects. 

Some of the topics that will be addressed are:

  • Events & Actions for Asset Management
  • Open forms
  • Improved feedback possibilities

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TOPdesk Partner Webinar with Webropol

Webropol has partnered with TOPdesk, combining the power of the survey and reporting tool with TOPdesk's service management software, providing you with a comprehensive plugin that gives you deeper insight into customer experience.

Watch to learn more about:

  • How to automatically follow up the customer experience of your service delivery
  • XLA vs SLA, what is the difference?
  • How to use Webropol together with TOPdesk to gain valuable insights

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Webinar: Creating useful reports within TOPdesk

Harness the TOPdesk key metrics for Continual Service Improvement to build useful reports, instantly giving you insight into actionable data relating to your service desk and providing detailed statistics.

Join us to learn more about:

  • Preparing for successful reports
  • TOPdesk's key metrics for continual Service Improvement
  • Common reporting pitfalls

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TOPdesk's Self Service Catalogue webinar

Launching your self-service catalogue within TOPdesk or looking to improve the way you present the services you offer? Customer centricity is key to developing a successful self-service catalogue. 

Join us for this webinar to learn:

  • What is a self-service catalogue and the benefits?
  • How to define and present your services in a customer centric way
  • How to integrate and automate your processes using the service catalogue

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Introduction to TOPdesk webinar

If you are currently considering different Service Management solutions, or simply looking to see what a dedicated Service Management tool can do for your organisation, join us for a 30 minute introduction to TOPdesk to see how our software can help your Service Desk perform better.

Watch this webinar to find out:

  • The concepts that shape our software
  • The benefits of TOPdesk for your IT-department and beyond

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TOPdesk Product Update

Curious to find out more about new features and current & upcoming projects? Watch our product update webinar to learn more about:

  • Open Knowledge, Artificial Intelligence & the Collaboration Platform
  • The main areas of focus for product development
  • Newly released features

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Is ITIL 4 the new service management bible?

Recently ITIL 4: ITIL Foundation was published. During this webinar, we'll shortly explain the 4 elements of ITIL 4: 

  • Key concepts of service management
  • 4 dimensions of service management
  • ITIL Service Value System (SVS), which also comprises the guiding principles
  • ITIL Management Practices

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Get to know TOPdesk's collaboration platform

This webinar focuses on developments within TOPdesk to improve how you collaborate with your customers and suppliers. The following topics will be discussed:

  • How do I work towards a seamless partnership with my customers and suppliers?
  • What solutions does TOPdesk offer to make it easier to send data to my customers or suppliers?
  • How can I easily link to my customer's or supplier's TOPdesk?
  • TOPdesk GO as a platform for suppliers who do not yet have a good system.

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Exploring the TOPdesk API

The TOPdesk REST API allows seamless communication with other tools, without the need for complicated bespoke work. Through this webinar, we want you to: 

  • Understand the basic principles of a REST API
  • Be able to create and use an Application Password to authenticate
  • Understand the API documentation & what documentation is available
  • Learn how to use the different API end-points in TOPdesk yourself

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Gain insight into your performance with the duration & response time compliance reports

If you want to be able to make service level agreements, you need insight into your performance. Last year, TOPdesk developed three reports to help you with this. Watch to learn more about:

  • Duration distribution reports
  • Duration reports
  • Response time compliance reports

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Get to know TOPdesk’s Virtual Appliance

Some TOPdesk features are not yet available for on premise customers due to some technical limitations. To solve this issue TOPdesk have developed the Virtual Appliance. Watch to learn more about:

  • What the Virtual Appliance is and why we chose this solution
  • Benefits of the Virtual Appliance
  • What it means for your organization

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TOPdesk 12 Tips of Christmas Webinar

As we approach the festive season, we would like to give you the ultimate Christmas gift of TOPdesk’s final webinar of 2018. 

Join us to learn more about:

  • What’s new in TOPdesk
  • New features for the New Year
  • Tips to make the most out of TOPdesk resources

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Frequently asked TOPdesk Support questions

This webinar addresses some of the questions our Support team are frequently asked, as well as how to quickly resolve common issues using our extensive Extranet Knowledge Base.

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Changes to TOPdesk Single Sign-On

Experienced TOPdesk consultant Will Bolton talks us through the changes to TOPdesk Single Sign-On as we move away from supporting Kerberos.

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Introduction to TOPdesk for CAFM

Join Account Manager Will Sibley as he introduces the core features and functionalities of TOPdesk to help your Facilities Department grow.

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Supplier Contract Management in TOPdesk

In this webinar, experienced TOPdesk consultant Sarah Bilton expands on Service Level Management best practice with a specific focus on suppliers and 3rd parties.

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TOPdesk Resources

We are always busy building resources and supporting content from TOPdesk, and thought that we should show off some new ones and some old but useful ones you may not be aware of in a webinar.

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Creating and Mapping Customer Journeys

Are you looking to create a better Customer Experience at your Helpdesk? See Hannah Price detail how to better map out your Customer Journeys

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Using Action Sequences in TOPdesk

Action Sequences in TOPdesk allows you to automatically execute a predefined future-proof sequence of HTTP requests.

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Better Contract & SLA Management

Enhance your services with better contract management and learn how to keep to your SLA's, and create SLA's that you can keep to.

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TOPdesk's API

Find out how to best utilise TOPdesk's API and integrations to enhance your Service Delivery further, from a non-technical perspective.

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Creating a more proactive Service Desk

Check out this webinar if you feel like your team spends too much time firefighting, and you are on the lookout for some inspiring quick-wins for working more proactively.

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Better Problem Management in TOPdesk

Find out how to avoid more Incidents with a more proactive approach to Problem Management alongside consultant Hannah Price.

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