Welcome to the customer
journey toolkit

Looking to improve your customer’s experience? And learn the best ways to do so? You’ve come to the right place! We’ll show you how to improve your services in 3 simple steps.

A journey map in 10 steps 

The first part of the toolkit will get you familiar with customer journey mapping. What is it? And what steps do you take to create a customer journey map?

Interactive workshop

Once you’ve got the basics down, the real fun begins with an interactive workshop. Gather your team and learn how to make a customer journey map in under an hour.

DIY: Templates & Tips

After the workshop, you’re ready to create a customer journey map for your own services! You’ll find everything you need for that here as downloads.

Your guide to customer journey mapping

A customer journey helps you find opportunities for improvement where measurements and statistics can’t find them. Maybe you’ve got SLAs or other measurements in place to monitor the quality of your service delivery, but that doesn’t mean you always know where your opportunities for growth and improvement are. That’s where customer journey mapping comes in.

Step into your customer’s shoes and see what your customers experience when they request a service from your department. Is it easy to request a new laptop, for instance? Do customers feel informed when they talk to your service agents? And what about after they get their laptop: is everything set up and ready to go? And are your agents easy to reach for questions?

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