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Propel your Service Desk with Knowledge Management

Your Service Desk's knowledge is an incredible resource. Not only can your team members help each other to solve calls faster; they can share tips and tricks with end-users and help them solve problems themselves.


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Green  Speed up your tickets

Utilise the power of knowledge sharing to massively decrease resolution time and boost first-time fixes.


Blue  Help your team

Share knowledge from the second-line to first-line, reduce incident escalations and let everyone in the team work to their strengths.


Red  Enable Self-Service

Open your knowledge base up to end-users and show them how to fix a paper jam themselves. It's quicker and easier for both parties.



First-hand access to all knowledge

Make it easy to access everything your Service Desk knows about any type of incident. 

TOPdesk has deep-going search functionality. Trying to solve a server issue? Easy! The Knowledge Base sits inside all Incident cards, and will present operators with ready-made solutions for all types of incidents.

At the user end, the integrated search bar will auto populate any articles that exists in the self-service portal and present quick solutions. 

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Generate new knowledge with a click

Not only can operators access Knowledge Articles within Incident Cards, they can enter information as well.

Every time new information is added, operators can update the Knowledge Base or add a completely new Knowledge Base article to aid anyone solving similar problems in the future on their quest. 

Powerful Knowledge Base analytics

How are your efforts paying off? Obtain the power to deep-drill in your Knowledge Base stats to see how it's contributing to the business and what parts you can optimise.

You can track the least and most used articles and what your end-users think about the articles - and find out how many calls are solved with the help of crowd sourced knowledge.


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Improve Knowledge management together

Let us help you get better

TOPdesk is more than a tool. We have 25 years of experience in Service Management and a lot of valuable knowledge to share. 

Our consultants are at hand to guide you through the set up of your Knowledge Management - ensuring best practice implementation.   

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TOPdesk does more than delight your Users. It's an all-encompassing Service Management tool, designed to make your department run smoother and smarter.

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